Wednesday, January 1, 2014

New Years Promises

Just like the sun peeping through the darkness and bringing life to a new day, January 1st of each and every year finds most of us making out extreme lists of unobtainable, in my case usually unobtainable, goals for the new year. Lose 100 lbs, save a million dollars, make a million dollars, etc etc etc. You know what I am talking about! 
I wrote the book on these lists....not really but I think that was on one of my lists one year! 

So this year I have a list, not the normal list, but a list only because I have became a list maker as of recently. When you get to be my age and have an overloaded sponge like I do you MUST learn to make lists. Lists for everything. Lists about how to make lists would be really helpful.
This list for the most part is nothing new to me, mostly nothing new to you about me, but new in the fact that it is a stepping stone on the way to the NEW ME!

Forget about the weight loss wishes, they went out the window every year since 1986 on January 2nd all but the year 2006 and it lasted until February 1st-ish! Minus 32 lbs in 28 days....whole other story there.....back to my list.

This year:
 (I will narrate as I go why each item is on my list unless it's self explanatory)

1. Praise God more....he has given so much to me and I can never thank HIM enough.

2. Tithe responsibly........yes I/we always tithe, lots of times its what's left over at the end of the week, which is really only the middle of the week for us the way we get paid so we sometimes feel the need to keep back a little extra, yada yada yada......Been there? Add here offer up help more often, it feels good to give to others in need. 

3. Read HIS word....more........get all up in HIS business.

4. Appreciate the temple he has given me.....that's what this body is called, a temple? Ok then I need to learn to appreciate it and take better care of it. NO EMPTY PROMISES MY FRIENDS! Just for me to take notice to how I treat me, nuf said?

5. This one is easy.....spend more quality time with my family. I have the best family, two most precious daughters and five of the most wonderful grandchildren evah! I spend as much time with them as I can but I am thinking frugal family outings/adventures/laughter filled days...they are always laughter filled! 

Here comes the fluff.....

6. Stick to that budget that took me 6 months to come up with! I did not know that could be so hard. Not the sticking to the budget part but simply coming up with a budget for us. Let me tell ya, I was really getting this thing downpat and BAM Christmas was upon me and it flew out the window in a second flat. 

6 1/2. Do NOT buy any more fabric until all of it is used up.....I will add here not to start any new projects just couldn't make this list......not to start any projects where I need to go buy new fabrics is on this list, of course with in reason, because things come up....I'm talking about a new quilt just for the heck of it, only if I already have the matierials exception to this is a small amount of budgeted online fabric purchase each month from my fav online fab store Green Fairy Quilts. Any of you sewers out there know that Moda pre-cuts are only around for a little while so you must grab them when they are available. PERIOD!

7. Be happy and Thankful that I have these four awesome part time jobs.....scale down when the budget allows me to do so and concentrate on my homelife/family/health/hobbies. If I follow this list I think it will all work out in the end.

8 thru 1000. Finish that novel, fill my etsy store with awesome handmades, 
visit Tybee Island more than once this year and catch more of those beautiful sunrises,
start raising sheep, learn to spin.......etc etc etc etc

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