Tuesday, December 31, 2013

My French Black Copper Maran Hen finally showing off

 I am so excited to post this!
I have wanted these chickens forever and finally found a breeder back in the spring and my daughter, Leslie and a friend, Morgan and I all made a road trip to go pick us out some day old chicks. 
My plan was to get a few so I could have at least one breeding pair to use the fertile eggs in my incubator. Well I could only get a few of these because they were very limited and I ended up with one pair exactly! One boy and one girl!!! 
OK, as my plan was to incubate their eggs......well......the very next weekend I had a batch of Rhode Island Reds and Dominiques in my incubator and it quit working around day 16ish, I forgot exactly. 
I did some quick research and decided to put a heat lamp on them and foil over the tub to keep it a constant temp.....well out of around 30 eggs only one hatched out.....I named it Lucky for obvious reasons.
I have ended up with one Dominique hen named Lucky, a beautiful pair of Welsummers and an extremely lovely pair of French Black Copper Marans. I also have one Silkie Hen and two roos.
They sure make a lovely display of color!
I don't think I have ever been as excited about our chickens until now. 
They have all 4 just started laying in the past couple weeks.
I must find a Dominique rooster and a new incubator.
I swore I would NOT do that again but the breeder that I got these from got out of the chicken business....very sad because she had beautiful babies! 
Maybe I will be able to do the same this spring?
I also have banties coming out of my ears!!!!

Thursday, December 26, 2013

Bias Tape Love

 My daughter Robin of Branderwood House gave me the best'est gift for Christmas!
 She has one of these and had to show off with it!
 So she found these awesome wooden spools and clothespins and loaded them up for me.....FOR ME!!!
She found this awesome purple berry bowl at Kohl's and knew I needed it too!
I have got to find the perfect project for these tapes.
Good daughter, huh?

All my eggs in one basket

 I felt the need to put all my eggs in one basket, per-say and only have one general place for all my posts of my whatsgoingons on any given day. 
I have been very busy with my photography business and have all sorts of other new and exciting things getting ready to happen in my "boutique"!
Thought I'd start with sharing a couple pics from a really cool shoot that I did here in Va of a sweet little Texas family who were in visiting family. 
Aren't they precious? 

Stay tuned!