Tuesday, December 31, 2013

My French Black Copper Maran Hen finally showing off

 I am so excited to post this!
I have wanted these chickens forever and finally found a breeder back in the spring and my daughter, Leslie and a friend, Morgan and I all made a road trip to go pick us out some day old chicks. 
My plan was to get a few so I could have at least one breeding pair to use the fertile eggs in my incubator. Well I could only get a few of these because they were very limited and I ended up with one pair exactly! One boy and one girl!!! 
OK, as my plan was to incubate their eggs......well......the very next weekend I had a batch of Rhode Island Reds and Dominiques in my incubator and it quit working around day 16ish, I forgot exactly. 
I did some quick research and decided to put a heat lamp on them and foil over the tub to keep it a constant temp.....well out of around 30 eggs only one hatched out.....I named it Lucky for obvious reasons.
I have ended up with one Dominique hen named Lucky, a beautiful pair of Welsummers and an extremely lovely pair of French Black Copper Marans. I also have one Silkie Hen and two roos.
They sure make a lovely display of color!
I don't think I have ever been as excited about our chickens until now. 
They have all 4 just started laying in the past couple weeks.
I must find a Dominique rooster and a new incubator.
I swore I would NOT do that again but the breeder that I got these from got out of the chicken business....very sad because she had beautiful babies! 
Maybe I will be able to do the same this spring?
I also have banties coming out of my ears!!!!

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